Welcome to The Cuckold Journal. This Blog is about our lifestyle, about my wife fucking Black Men and my willing acceptance of being her cuckold.

My wife and I have an understanding and an agreement ... She prefers Black Cock and she fucks any Black Man she wants whenever she wants and I accept it. She's the Dominant one in our relationship and I'm the cuckold ... the husband whose wife openly has sex with other men ... and I accept it. This is how we live ... and it works well for both of us. We're open about our lifestyle and it's one of the reasons we publish this Online Documentary about it. My Journal  grew out of our lifestyle and grew out of my wife's wish to make our unusual arrangement even more public than it's been before. I write 100% of what's here and there's no RSS feeds or overused promo pictures from 'sponsor' sites like you'll find on other blogs out there. What's here is Real ... nothing we do or post is ever staged, my wife has never done a 'photo shoot' and there's no studio lighting or slick edits in her videos.

Shared at a Swinger's Cub

James for the most part, owns my wife. He fucks her literally any time he wants and no matter what he tells her to do, she never tells him no. He called and told us to meet him at a swing club about an hour away from us at 10:00pm ... that was all he said, no more information, just the name of the place and the time. Of course, she said we were going and though we had no idea what was going to happen, I pretty much knew how the night would end up. "Whatever James says," she told me as we turned into the parking lot, "just go with it. I don't wanna hear any of your whining or any bullshit from you; understand?" I shook my head yes and we headed inside. As soon as we got in, James grabbed Candy, kissed her hard and said, "Find a seat. I'll give her back in awhile." With that, they were lost in the crowd so I grabbed a beer and found a seat just off the dance floor. James and Candy reappeared a few minutes later with her wearing only her jacket and heels. I wasn't sure where her skirt went and she was clearly enjoying James' hand on her ass and rubbing her pussy as they took a seat across from me. Fast forward a few minutes and James got up to talk with some guy who he brought over to their table. He too, gave Candy an open mouthed kiss and James pulled her onto the dance floor. They got her between them and in front of the whole club, began fingering her as she moved her ass against James' cock. James pushed her closer to the other guy and within a minute or two, Candy had his cock out and was sucking him off on the now cleared dance floor. people were looking at me like, 'what the fuck?' but as I was told to do, I said or did nothing to stop what was happening a few feet from me. In fairly short order, the guy grabbed her head, pushed hard and came in her mouth. James pulled her back and guided her to a couch and pushed her down on his cock. Candy took as much of him in her mouth as she could and oblivious to the small crowd watching them, gave James a blowjob worthy of a pornstar. After a bit, he pulled her up and she came over to me. "Open your mouth," she said, as she kissed me deeply letting the remnants of James cum be shared by us. "James is going to fuck me now," she said. "I want you to watch it." I followed them to a small room just off the dance floor and went in behind them. The room was maybe 5' or 6' by 10' with the floor covered in cushions like are used on a pool lounger. "Stand there and be quiet," Candy said as she removed her bra and panties. "Don't bother us." James was undressed by now and immediately pushed her to the floor on her knees and without any preliminaries, shoved his Black cock in her from behind. He fucked her hard and rough, slapping her ass every time her hit bottom and Candy was screaming as she came all over him. Finally, he pushed deep inside her and filled her with cum as they collapsed on the mats. I, of course was standing there with my dick as hard as could be, hoping she'd let me have her, too or clean her up. "Go wait on me at the bar," she told me. "I'll be out in a little bit."

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