Welcome to The Cuckold Journal. This Blog is about our lifestyle, about my wife fucking Black Men and my willing acceptance of being her cuckold.

My wife and I have an understanding and an agreement ... She prefers Black Cock and she fucks any Black Man she wants whenever she wants and I accept it. She's the Dominant one in our relationship and I'm the cuckold ... the husband whose wife openly has sex with other men ... and I accept it. This is how we live ... and it works well for both of us. We're open about our lifestyle and it's one of the reasons we publish this Online Documentary about it. My Journal  grew out of our lifestyle and grew out of my wife's wish to make our unusual arrangement even more public than it's been before. I write 100% of what's here and there's no RSS feeds or overused promo pictures from 'sponsor' sites like you'll find on other blogs out there. What's here is Real ... nothing we do or post is ever staged, my wife has never done a 'photo shoot' and there's no studio lighting or slick edits in her videos.

February 14, 2019: Picked Up and Fucked
So, it was supposed to be a fun couples night, just us and two other couples ... both straight and neither having any idea what our life was really like. We'd had a nice dinner, a few drinks and moved the gathering to a little dockside bar at the seaport. Literally, as soon as we walked in, I saw a Black guy at the bar eyeing Candy and I knew before we even sat down how the evening would end. For the next hour or so, we shared drinks and the usual type of bullshit that groups of couples do but I noticed that as he'd kept checking her out, he'd caught my wife's eye as well. She excused herself to go to the ladies room and as she walked past the bar, the guy stopped her and I could see them chatting for a minute. It didn't last long and she returned to the table. A bit later, she excused herself again except this time she was gone quite a bit longer and when I looked over at the bar, the Black guy was gone as well. A few minutes passed and I saw them both come out from the hallway to the restrooms and Candy came back over and rejoined the conversation. Under the table though, she gave my dick a squeeze and gave me a look that said, we're out of here pretty quick. Sure enough, 20 minutes later we're in the parking lot, the Black guy's waiting and we're off to his hotel room. Twenty minutes after that and she's on the bed, sucking his cock. It turned out, he was a really decent guy, good looking actually friendly to me. He also knew exactly what he wanted pretty much took charge right away. He ended up fucking Candy twice before we left around 2:00am and she was pretty much worn out when we got home. So much for a quiet evening with our straight friends ...

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