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My wife and I have an understanding and an agreement ... She prefers Black Cock and she fucks any Black Man she wants whenever she wants and I accept it. She's the Dominant one in our relationship and I'm the cuckold ... the husband whose wife openly has sex with other men ... and I accept it. This is how we live ... and it works well for both of us. We're open about our lifestyle and it's one of the reasons we publish this Online Documentary about it. My Journal  grew out of our lifestyle and grew out of my wife's wish to make our unusual arrangement even more public than it's been before. I write 100% of what's here and there's no RSS feeds or overused promo pictures from 'sponsor' sites like you'll find on other blogs out there. What's here is Real ... nothing we do or post is ever staged, my wife has never done a 'photo shoot' and there's no studio lighting or slick edits in her videos.

December 14, 2018: You're Done

"I want you to know I'm thinking about something," she said. "I'm not real sure I like the idea of you being able to cum whenever you see a Real Man fucking me. I know you think it's hot but having you cum all over yourself is embarrassing and it isn't exactly the point of your getting to watch, now is it? Plus, it's distracting ... how am I supposed to enjoy a Man's cock when all I can see and hear is you jacking off." Candy was sitting on the patio having her coffee and reading her e-mail. She had let me sleep in and was reading a note from James. I assumed this was about the other night and listened patiently, trying to figure out where this was going but had absolutely no idea. We had talked many times about the fact that she wanted control of our sex life and specifically of my orgasms; and in my mind, she had it. 99 times out of 100, I came by her hand or by jacking off as she watched me and talked to me. Yes, that night, I did cum in my own hand but it was the first time in months that it had happened and she was fine when we got home, so in my mind it was clearly no big deal.  "So," she said, "I want you to go get your strap and while I'm out today, I want you to focus on your little dickie and try to think of a solution to our little problem ... think about how you can control yourself and how I can make sure you never interrupt me like you did last night. Hurry up ... I gotta get ready to go."  I came back out with the strap, dropped my pants and handed it to her. She immediately took my balls in her hand, squeezed them so tightly I thought I'd scream and pulled them down from my body. With two fingers and her other hand, she wrapped the strap on me and within seconds, my balls were stretched tight and hanging below by dick. "Now, she said, "keep your focus on my little dick today and see if you can come up with any ideas. And, oh by the way, James wants me to meet him so I'm stopping for a quick drink this evening. I won't be late."

It was all I could do all day to stay focused on work. What I really wanted was to get up from my desk, lie back on the bed and jerk off thinking about her. My balls ached and my dick stayed almost continually hard from the pressure in my sack. I caught myself several times, absent mindedly stroking my dick and each time, stopped, making sure I didn't cum. Candy came home a little after 8:00pm. "So," she asked as soon as she came in. "Did you come up with a solution?" I just kinda stood there, saying nothing. "Didn't think so," she said. "But I did. Go in the bedroom, take off your strap and lie down on the bed. I'll be there in a minute." Maybe ten minutes later, she came in, kneeled down on the bed between my legs and took my dick in her hand. "James had a great suggestion," she said. "I told him about our problem and he said it's real simple ... you do this my way or I lock up your little dick so you can't jerk off at all. He said to call him and he'll get me a cage whenever I ask. How'd you like that, is that what you need?" I was stunned. I couldn't answer her. No way, I thought she wouldn't do that. "I'll take that as a yes," she said and picked up the pace, stroking my dick a little faster and squeezing a little tighter. "Here's the deal," she continued. "You stop cumming all over yourself and embarrassing me in front of my friends or I lock up your little dick ... got it? From now on, you cum when I tell you you can, understand? It's not about you anymore. You gave up your right to do that when we started this and you need to learn that. You're gonna cum for me now though. Then you're done. Understand?" She was literally pounding my dick, jerking me so hard it hurt and could feel myself about to cum. "Now!" she yelled and stopped, just squeezing down on my dick and I came all over her hand. "Sit up," she said. "Look at me." She had cum all over her hand. "One more time ... one more time and I call James; got it?" She smeared my cum all over my face and left the room.

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