Welcome to The Cuckold Journal. This Blog is about our lifestyle, about my wife fucking Black Men and my willing acceptance of being her cuckold.

My wife and I have an understanding and an agreement ... She prefers Black Cock and she fucks whoever she wants whenever she wants and I accept it. She's the Dominant one in our relationship and I'm the cuckold ... the husband whose wife openly has sex with other men ... and I accept it. This is how we live ... and it works well for both of us. We're open about our lifestyle and it's one of the reasons we publish this Online Documentary about it. My Journal  grew out of our lifestyle and grew out of my wife's wish to make our unusual arrangement even more public than it's been before. I write 100% of what's here and there's no RSS feeds or overused promo pictures from 'sponsor' sites like you'll find on other blogs out there. What's here is Real ... nothing we do or post is ever staged, my wife has never done a 'photo shoot' and there's no studio lighting or slick edits in her videos.

October 11, 2017, Grow a Real Cock Honey
"Grow a real cock, honey, and maybe I'll suck you, too!  Oh, sorry can't do that can you?" They were both laughing as she pointed at me sitting there stroking my dick while she was sucking this Damian's huge Black cock. "Thank God you came over," she told him. "I needed fucked tonight and I sure wasn't going to get what I needed here ... nothing against you, baby, you know I love you but this is the kind of cock I have to have." Damian smirked again as she kept up a running commentary about his cock and how good he was in bed and how much of a Black cock whore he'd made her. She knew the effect it had on me, too, and that's why she kept it up ... the more she said, the harder I jerked my dick and the closer I was to cumming. She knew I didn't want to cum before he fucked her either and she was determined that I would. "That's it, baby, maybe if you jerk off enough it'll get bigger ... Oh, sorry can't do that can you?" He laughed again  then pushed her head down on his cock and told her to quit fucking around and take care of him ... and at that moment, I did exactly what she wanted ... came

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Grow a Real Cock Honey
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