January 9, 2019, Grow a Real Cock Honey
"Grow a real cock, honey, and maybe I'll suck you, too!  Oh, sorry can't do that can you?" They were both laughing as she pointed at me sitting there stroking my dick while she was sucking this Damian's huge Black cock. "Thank God you came over," she told him. "I needed fucked tonight and I sure wasn't going to get what I needed here ... nothing against you, baby, you know I love you but this is the kind of cock I have to have." Damian smirked again as she kept up a running commentary about his cock and how good he was in bed and how much of a Black cock whore he'd made her. She knew the effect it had on me, too, and that's why she kept it up ... the more she said, the harder I jerked my dick and the closer I was to cumming. She knew I didn't want to cum before he fucked her either and she was determined that I would. "That's it, baby, maybe if you jerk off enough it'll get bigger ... Oh, sorry can't do that can you?" He laughed again  then pushed her head down on his cock and told her to quit fucking around and take care of him ... and at that moment, I did exactly what she wanted ... came

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January 17, 2019: PDA and BBC



"You'll be happy to know," she said, "that I have a treat for you tonight." Candy had just walked in from work and stuck her head in my office. "Get cleaned up, we're leaving at 9:00. I have a date with James, you're driving us and if you're lucky, I might let you watch him fuck me." With that, she was gone and into her dressing room to get ready. Promptly at 9:00 we left the house and on the way over to James's apartment, she laid out the evening. I was to drive, make sure they had drinks at the club and when they were ready to leave ... if James agreed, she'd let me watch him fuck her. She knew how bad I wanted to see it ... Candy has been fucking James off and on for a long time but lately, it's always been without me there. I pretty much spent the evening sitting by watching them dance, keeping the drinks flowing and catching glimpses of his Black hand running up her leg under the table when finally around midnight, James gave me the check and told me to pay the tab and meet them outside. When I got to the car, James had Candy pushed back against the hood with what I think were two - maybe three fingers up in her but having been through this before, I said nothing, just got in the car and waited on him to be ready to go. As soon as we got back to James's place, Candy immediately dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock as he leaned back against the wall, thoroughly enjoying himself. "Not one word from you." she said to me. "Understand?" I shook my head and she went right back to giving him what he wanted as I began stroking my dick and trying my best not to cum from the erotic scene being played out in front of me. After what seemed like forever, James got her up and pulled her to the bedroom. I got to the door just in time to see her sucking his Black cock again as he got undressed. Then I just stood there in shock as I watched his huge Black cock disappear into my wife's pussy and heard her hiss as he pulled her roughly up to take all of him. He looked back at me then and staring right at me, started fucking her hard and fast and rough till she was screaming for him to stop and screaming for him not to in the next breath. The fucking went on for literally an hour, getting rougher and harder and louder with each thrust. James never let Candy up, they changed positions only so he could fuck her doggy style and even when he came in her the first time, he just never slowed down. I'd cum in my hand almost as soon as they started and even though I was finished, there was nothing I could do to stop what was happening six feet away from me. Finally, he was finished and Candy was finished ... her hair was a mess, her eye makeup had run down her cheeks and she had bite marks on both boobs and cum running out of her pussy. "Go wait for me outside," she said. "I'll be there in a minute." We had a quiet drive home and when we got in bed, she reached down, grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard. "So, she said, "in case you've forgotten, now you know what real fucking is. Now, go down on me and take care of me."

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