July 3, 2017: Elevator Blowjob

We were at a private party at a Fort Lauderdale hotel and Candy had gone to the ladies room. On her way back through the hotel lobby, she ran into her friend James ... not sure whether it was planned or just a coincidence ... I never found out and it really didn't matter anyway but I'm pretty sure they set it up. She came back into the party and told me she saw him and that he had a room  and that she was going upstairs with him. I could go if I wanted or stay at the party ... either way, she was going so of course, as she blew out the door, I gathered up our shit, said goodbyes and followed a couple of minutes behind her. As I walked towards the elevators (where I assumed they'd be) I saw her on her knees sucking James' big Black cock; right in the hotel lobby! I mean right fucking there in public where anyone could see if they walked around the same corner I did.  When she saw me, she got up, hit the call button and the elevator doors opened. James walked in with his cock still out and as the doors started to close, Candy was back on her knees, sucking his Black cock again! "Room 1247," he said to me. "I'll leave the door open." and with that, the doors closed and they were gone. 

I waited on the next car, and when I finally walked in the room, I saw my wife, totally naked, on top of him with his bare Black cock up inside of her. It was fucking unbelievable and my dick was straining against my jeans. I pulled it out, sat in a chair and jerked off as watched her take his cock for over two hours. He came in her twice and by the time we left, she was so sore, she could hardly walk.

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July 10, 2017: An Unexpected Visit

10:30 on a Tuesday night and the doorbell rings and I'm like who the fuck can that be. I opened the door and there was Geo, Candy's gangbanger guy ... same fucking ball hat, same fucking shower shoes. Aw, fuck I thought. before I could say anything, he stepped in and said, "I'm here for yo wife." Candy had come into the foyer and was like, "Geo! Come on in, honey." She took him by the hand, sat on the couch, he stripped off his clothes and right away, she began sucking his cock. This went on for a few minutes with not alot being said when he suddenly pushed her back, spread her legs and shoved his cock up in her. He had her there, just fucking the shit out of her; her screaming for more and him relentlessly pumping her as I stood back and watched. I think she knew he was about to cum and told me to come closer and as I did, he stiffened up, buried his cock all the way in her and filled her up. He pulled out and started getting dressed as I watched him cum run out of her. "Wow Geo!" she said. "what a nice surprise ... you need to stop over more often." He scooped her up and gave her a hug, "Gotta jet," he said. "Holy shit!" Candy said when he left. "What the fuck was that about." we looked at each other and kinda laughed then headed for bed.

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July 17, 2017: Black Cock Whore
Sometimes I'm amazed at how much of a slut my wife has become and how she can take the size of Black cock that she takes and even more amazed at how fucking rough she likes it. James knows her and he knows exactly how to get her where he wants her and when he fucks her, he completely takes control works her over like a common street whore ... and she loves it.

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July 24, 2017: Sexts From My Wife
The message indicator beeped interrupting my train of thought and I absentmindedly picked up my cell phone. It was a text from Candy telling me she was stopping for drinks with a couple of her friends. I answered a simple OK and sat back down at the computer. Her going out for drinks isn't unusual and I assumed I'd see her sometime around 8:00 or 9:00 at the latest. Somehow, I lost track of time and noticed it was after 11:00 when my message indicator went off again. I picked up the phone and read the text, : 'Met a couple of guys. See you later. Here's a pic!' And sure enough, there was a picture ... a muscular black man with his cock firmly in my wife's mouth. My mouth immediately went dry and my dick became immediately erect. I reached down and rubbed myself through my jeans as I studied the picture. Were they in a hotel room? at his place? or somewhere else and who took this picture? They were in bed was about all I could tell and then another text ... and another picture. He was on top of her, obviously filling her with his Black cock. "His cock is bigger than yours." the text said. I sank back into my desk chair and took out my dick, stroking it slowly so as not to cum and hoping there were more texts on the way. But I was wrong ... for the next hour or so, nothing. I was so turned on, knowing my wife was somewhere with a Black stranger being fucked bareback and all I could do was sit and wait and think about it. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, a third picture ... this one  really hot, a close up of his cock in her with his cum oozing out of her. I began again stroking my cock, knowing that I was sooo close to cumming and immensely turned on knowing my wife was somewhere being fucked by a Black stranger. As I gazed at her in the pictures, I jerked my dick harder and faster and got to the point where I knew I couldn't stop; knew I was going to cum. And I did ... I came all over my stomach ... then I put down the phone and closed my eyes. Again, no more texts so I went to clean myself up and then the tone, her tone, and I literally ran to pick up the phone. 'Be there in a bit,' it said. 'And don't you dare cum on yourself.

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July 31, 2017: Get Under Us Baby

Candy hadn't seen James in a few weeks and when he called to say he wanted her to come over to his place, she immediately got dressed in what had to be one of the hottest, sluttiest outfits I've seen her wear. After a few drinks, they headed to the bedroom with Candy inviting me to come watch. I was fucking ecstatic ... the intensity that he fucks her with is incredible and every time I get to see it, I'm fucking amazed. She climbed on top of him and was slowly fucking him, grinding her pussy on his hard cock and I was sitting in a corner jerking off and doing my best not to cum. She whispered something to him then rolled off and said, "Come over here, honey. I want you to do something for us." She had me lie down on the bed then straddled my face with her wet pussy just inches from my mouth. As I reached up to lick her, James moved in behind her and slid his Black cock up inside of her. "Put your tongue on my clit, baby ... keep it there. Ah ya, that's it ... Oh!" she grunted as James pushed all the way in her and started fucking her with my face just inches away and my tongue licking her clit. he got going faster and I could feel his balls hitting both of us and his Black cock slipping in and out and all over her. It was all I could do to keep my tongue on her and as he pounded her harder, I came all over myself. "don't fucking stop!" Candy said and as James continued his assault on her, she came all over my face. he pulled her off of me, rolled onto his back with her on top and pounded up into her till he filled her up.

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