July 1, 2018: Just Look at This Mess

"Just look at this mess James left for you. Really? I can't believe you could just sit still with your little dick in your hand and let another man fuck me and cum in me." She was lying back on the bed with her legs up in the air and James had just gotten up off of her and was kneeling over her like some kind of conqueror. His cum was running out of her well fucked pussy and she was literally gaping open from his Black cock stretching her out as he fucked her. "Does it bother you baby to actually see how much better a Black Man is at fucking me? Why don't you just stroke your little white dick for me then come over here and clean me up? I know you're good at it and I couldn't feel you even if I was to let you try to fuck me." It was all I could do not to shoot my load right then but I knew she'd be pissed if I came before she was ready for me to. James was leaving and gave her a wink as he walked out and a little chuckle as he walked past me while I was standing there jerking off. "Bye, baby," she told him then turned her attention back to me. "OK," she said, "you know what to do." I immediately climbed onto the bed, got on my hands and knees and started licking her freshly fucked pussy while she dug her nails into my balls and jerked me off; all the while telling me how good my tongue felt on her and how hot it made her knowing that I was cleaning her up.

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July 8, 2018: Angst
This was the minute that I thought, maybe this whole agreement wasn't such a great idea. Watching my wife have pure, hot animalistic sex and playing our cuckold games is one thing but when I saw that she was actually into the 'lovemaking' part of it was something else. I'd never thought about how it was when I wasn't there. I always assumed it was like when I watched ... just fucking. But this was something different. She was totally oblivious to me and totally into the sensual sex. Unlike any time I'd seen before, James was slow with her, grinding his Black cock into her and making sure she was enjoying it. They'd set up the video camera and let me watch them with the caveat that I wouldn't interrupt and I'd been so excited but when I saw what was happening, the angst just came over me. The thing was though, as frightened as I was, my dick was hard and I couldn't help but jerk off while the sensual scene unfolded in front of me. After James left that night, Candy could tell that something was wrong but all she said was, "remember when I told you some of this might be painful? You needed to see that, honey ... it is what it is."

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July 15, 2018: Something to Think About

"Come over here," Candy said, "and unzip your pants. I want to give you something to think about while I'm gone today." She was getting ready for work and although it was only 8:30 in the morning, I could feel my dick getting hard wondering what she had in mind. I thought maybe she was going to jack me off or treat me to a quick blow job and even if she left me hanging, I'd have the luxury of wanting her all day while she was gone. Instead, she took my dick out and stroked me a couple of times then started chuckling. "God" she said, "it's amazing how much bigger James is than you are ... Hell, it's amazing how much bigger most men are than you are! You want to jerk this little thing today for me and see if you can get it big enough that it might be good for something by the time I get home? I do love you honey but I just need more cock than you have to give me. See if you can make it nice and hard today so I don't have to have you call a real man to fuck me tonight, OK?" I was squirming and so close to cumming as she talked and taunted me that precum was leaking from my dick. "Aw, lookee there, some cum," she said, "Don't you dare cum though. "I want to see every drop you can muster tonight and if there's enough, maybe you can lick me while I relax. Get it hard baby, I gotta get ready to go." and with that, she got up and left me standing there with my pants unzipped and my dick in my hand.

I spent the better part of the day walking around with a hardon and stopping what I was doing every few minutes to jack off thinking about what she'd said to me before she left; that she might let me have her pussy tonight. I wanted to cum so bad and my balls ached from jerking off but I didn't want to take the chance of missing the feeling of my dick inside her. 5:00, then 6:00 came and went and I had the feeling she'd stopped for a drink - or something else - on her way home and I was going crazy with lust, waiting on her. Around 7:30, I sat down on the couch and was rubbing my dick through my pants when she walked in the door. I could tell something was up by her look ... a little disheveled, hair messed up and her makeup a little smeared. "I'll be in my room," she said. "Give me a little time then come on in and we'll talk." I waited about 10 minutes then made my way to the bedroom where she was lying on the bed. Her legs were spread wide, cum was running out of her pussy and she simply pointed for me to get between her legs. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy lips, she moaned loudly. "That's it, baby," she whispered. "You know you have to take care of me. I'm so sore ... Am I bruised? I feel like I've been split open ... clean me up real good, baby." As I licked her, tasting some other guy's cum, she told me she'd gone for a drink with a Black salesman that had come into her office and ended up in his hotel room where he fucked her two times. "God," she said. "That feels so good. I really planned to be with you this evening and I promise you can have me honey, just not tonight ... I'm so sore that I think even your little dick would hurt." As she told me about what happened, I licked her clean, reached down and stroked my cock and came in my hand.

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July 22, 2018: Gangbanger
I have no idea when or where Candy met this guy; she's never said and she's never told me anything about him. What I do know is that he's definitely not the kind of guy I ever thought she'd hook up with. He's way younger than she is and while she always goes for the big, good looking, professional type guy, he pretty much looks like a gangbanger and shows up with a ball hat on and his pants down around his ass. He never speaks to me, kinda rolls in, grabs Candy and shoves his tongue in her mouth and his hand up her pussy and she just opens up for him and lets him do whatever he wants. Unlike with other guys, Candy doesn't want me around when he's here and has pretty much told me to keep my distance and leave her alone with him. I've only seen him fuck her one time when I took this video but I've heard them and from what I can gather, he treats her like a whore, fucks her till he's finished then blows out the door.

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July 29, 2018: Maybe You Should Get a Reward

"You know," she said, "you've been so good about all of this maybe you should get a reward. Would you like for me to suck your dick? How about fucking me? Would you enjoy that? She had wrapped a string of pearls around my cock and was very, very slowly jerking me off, staring straight into my eyes as she talked. "Of course," I answered, "I'd love to fuck you ... love to feel you." As soon as it came out, I knew I'd used the wrong words. "Feel me?" she smirked. "but I couldn't feel you. You know your dick is way too little. Every time I let you fuck me, I can barely feel it plus you always cum so fast ... I don't think we'll do that today ... maybe next time, though, OK?" she tightened her grip on my cock and stroked me faster; still staring straight into my eyes, talking in her soft voice. "Don't take your eyes off of me," she said. "Besides, you know I really prefer Black cock, don't you? Can you imagine how good it feels when a Black Man pushes his big cock up inside of me? Like when James or Damian fucks me? How much bigger they are than you? They always make me cum, too, you know that don't you? The more she talked, the hotter I got and I was doing my best not to cum. She knew I was close though and picked up her pace again. "Don't take your eyes off of me, damn it!" she said, "you better appreciate this and you better listen to me. You want to cum? You wanna give me a little teaspoon of cum from your little dick, baby? Go ahead, shoot it out of there." I was pumping up off the couch and Candy was jacking me off faster and faster. "Think about it," she said. "think about a big Black cock splitting your wife's pussy open, think about James cumming in me ... come on, baby, cum now." and I did, I came immediately. "Did that feel good?" she said. You got cum all over my hand, though which I'm not happy about but I'm so glad you liked that. Here, clean off my hand, then go wipe off your little dick and we'll have a drink ...

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