June 3, 2018: Damian



That night changed everything. Candy began seeing James exclusively; once or twice a week. He eventually brought a couple of his friends into the mix and she began fucking them as well. Once in  awhile, I was allowed to watch but more often than not, would hear about it from Candy while I licked the cum out of her and she jacked me off. This went on for months and while it never really ended, it began to taper off and Candy began seeing a new guy she met online named Damian.

This guy was Nigerian and as she said, incredibly handsome and as I soon found out, extremely Dominant as well. He loved fucking her really rough and whenever I was around, made sure to keep up a running commentary on what he was doing to her and how she was his slut and how much he liked fucking her married white pussy. Candy was with him for several months and during that time he changed her hair, the way she dressed and I think, really confirmed for her that her decision to start fucking Black Men was the right one. He fucked her whenever he wanted. He sent his friends around when they wanted some white pussy and as far as I know, she never, ever denied him or them what they wanted. If they let me watch, he insisted I jack off constantly and cum while he was fucking her ... he said he wanted me dried out because he didn't want her getting any white dick the same night as she got his. Like Albert did, he also encouraged Candy to take more control of her life, and as he began to exert more authority in her everyday life, she also began to exert more control and authority over me and our relationship ... and I willingly accepted it.

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June 10, 2018: No Turning Back

One night Candy came home from a date with Damian. As usual, she looked beautiful but disheveled and thoroughly fucked. I made her a drink and was waiting to go upstairs when she told me to go into the living room and wait for her there. She made me wait for probably twenty minutes then came in and sat directly in front of me.

She began to very calmly explain to me  that she was in control of our life, and that I would, from then on, do whatever she wanted and whatever she asked of me. Almost emotionless, she looked me right in the eyes and said, "Do you agree?" Somehow, I wasn't surprised that I agreed without hesitation.

She then had me take off my shirt and jeans and turn around in front of her. She very calmly started to stroke my cock and balls then all of a sudden she dug her nails in, grabbed my balls and squeezed so hard that I almost went to my knees. Without letting go and even tightening her grip, she explained that I was to now put my complete focus on her and her wants. She explained that Damian had told her she deserved it and that he had explained to her exactly what to do to make it happen and that if I didn't comply and agree, he'd be glad to help her get it done if that's what she wanted. "Look at me," she said. " I'm not the same person I was a year ago ... Hell, I'm not the same person I was when I came home tonight. I really liked what I just did to you and I liked that you took it and I want it again. I know you love me and I know you'll accept whatever I do. What I want to know is, do you want it?" Before I could answer, she continued, "Be very careful how you answer me. We've talked about this alot. Let me make this very, very clear to you. Once we go this way, there's no turning back and you can never question me or deny me again. Understand? I looked at her, right into her eyes and simply answered, "Yes."  "Very good," she said. "Damian left me a mess. Now go down on me and get me cleaned up." When she had had enough of me eating her, she said "Tonight, you'll sleep down here we'll talk about this more tomorrow." And with that she got up and walked out; leaving me with a hard dick, turned on yet confused, my balls red and sore and with the taste of Damian's cum still in my mouth. I laid down on the couch, fell dead asleep and slept till 11:00 am the next day.

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June 17, 2018: The End of the Beginning

"Thank you for last night, here's your coffee." Candy had brought coffee up for me. "You know," she said, "I can give you a lot of pleasure. I know what you like, you know. I can tell you like for me to hurt your balls ... I know you're turned on when I talk to you about your little dick ... I know it makes you hard when Black Men fuck your wife and I know you really do want this as much as I do because you've let it go this far and you, yourself told me so last night. Some of it though," she continued, "might be very unpleasant for you and I'm sorry for that but it's just the way it'll have to be. You've already told me you want this and I told you there's no going back ... so whenever you're up and around, we'll talk about our new life together. Take your time, honey ... I'll be downstairs."

I was blown away ... the night before, Candy had literally tortured my cock and balls till I cried, left me hard and frustrated and really, was pretty much of a complete bitch. Yet, here she was, cheerful, loving and with the exception of the conversation we'd just had, the epitome of the loving housewife. I got up, quickly showered, threw on a pair of jeans and headed downstairs. "First of all," she said. "Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. "Those days are gone. I told you last night that this is no longer about you ... it's about me and you're either in or you're out. Now, if you're in, take off your pants." Again, I didn't have any idea what to say so I dropped my jeans and stood there in front of my wife; my dick suddenly getting hard. "Good," she said. "get your little dick nice and hard. I'm going to make sure I have your undivided attention because you're going to need to remember what I tell you. Got it?" I nodded yes and Candy pulled out a condom and rolled it down my dick. "Don't fucking move." she said and immediately started roughly jacking me off, squeezing my dick till it hurt and digging her nails into my balls. "Come" she said. "Come for me fucker ... now!" She grabbed my balls and twisted them unmercifully. I immediately came into the condom and she immediately let go. "Good," she said, "Now that that's out of the way, let's talk.

So, we spent the better part of that Saturday talking about what we were going to do, what changes she wanted and how things were going to be from then on. She was extremely clear about the fact that she was in control ... of our relationship, her sexuality and my orgasms. For the most part, I just sat there taking it all in and I was surprisingly at ease with it all and in fact, extremely turned on by the whole scenario she laid out. From then on, our lifestyle and our relationship changed forever.  It became clear to both of us that I need this as much as Candy wants it, so it works well for both of us. She continued to see Damian for some time but eventually broke it off because she wanted the freedom to fuck who she wanted whenever she wanted. After dating around - well sleeping around - for a few months she ran into our old friend James again and since then has pretty much been fucking him whenever he wants along with several of his friends.

And that for the most part brings us to now ...

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June 24, 2018: The Routine

As we settled in to our new routine, our relationship became stronger and better than ever. She was sublimely happy and always in a good mood but as the days passed, she also became quite directive; telling me, not asking me, to do things then curtly dismissing me when she was done. She was pretty much steadily seeing James once or more a week, usually at our house where, although everyone was cordial, open and friendly, it was clear that my function was to fix drinks, get towels when they left the pool and generally see that everything they wanted was taken care of. Most nights ended with James fucking her in our marriage bed and me watching from the door or on occasion, a chair in the corner. On other nights, they'd have a few drinks then leave; with her returning early the next morning. The first time this happened I asked her where they'd gone and was answered by her smiling, looking right at me and telling me it was none of my fucking business and that as long as she came home to me, not to worry about it. Then again, she dismissed me and laid down for a nap. A couple of hours later, she called for me to come upstairs. She had me stand in front of her and jerk off while she pretty much taunted me with stories of what she'd been doing and how small my dick was compared to James's Black Cock. She had me so turned on and I was on the brink of cumming when she told me to stop and had me go down on her. The smell and taste of James's cum was almost overpowering as I licked and kissed her swollen pussy and as she came, so did I - for the first time ever - without even touching myself.

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