May 6, 2018: In The Beginning

This whole thing started several years ago when I told my wife my fantasy of watching a Black Man fuck her. Along with being shocked, she was actually pissed off and for a very long time told me, "No way"!  We'd always been open with each other and without either of us overtly saying so, we both knew that she was the Dominant force in our marriage. 

In fact, my wife has always been the Dominant one in our relationship. From the first time we met, her personality overpowered mine and she almost immediately took control of what we did, who we socialized with and where we went.  There was no overt hint of a Dominant/submissive relationship or overtone of her wanting to be in control ... that would come years later; at which time we both realized that a Female Dominant relationship was what we both wanted and needed. We've been married - happily - for many years and while I've always deferred to her, our move to a true Femme Domme lifestyle didn't start until just over 10 years ago. Candy had always been honest with me and let me know that while our sex life was good, my dick was really too small for her. She made it clear during sex that she wanted a big cock but seldom discussed it outside of the bedroom. I knew I was smaller than average (maybe 5" hard) and in the back of my mind, always thought she would take a lover someday. The thing is, even then, I knew I'd not try to stop her.

Then, one night I brought the subject up and she shocked me and told me to set it up ... I was excited that she finally would say this but I also felt a little safe 'cause I was sure she'd never do it.  Three weeks later, a friend of ours named Derek (who happened to be a handsome Black man) was over and unlike any time before, the conversation turned to sex and fantasies. I decided to play a little and put a scare into her and made some comment about her liking Black Men. She shot me a dirty look then glanced over at Derek. I was in the kitchen getting beers and when I came back in, I saw Derek kissing her ... and to my surprise, she was kissing him back. He immediately picked her up, carried her to our bedroom and before I really knew what was happening, they were in our bed. Derek was roughly fingering her and she was spreading herself open for him. Derek fucked my wife three times that night; the first time with me jerking off and watching and the other two, alone after she'd asked me to go outside and watch from there. During the next month, Derek fucked her seven times and with each tryst, his hold became tighter and both she and I wanted it more and more.

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May 13, 2018: Cleaning Her Up; The First Time

One evening, Candy came home from the gym and told me that a guy named James asked her out for a drink and she informed me that in fact, she decided to take him up on it and would be leaving in an hour. She promptly turned and left the room telling me to wait up for her and we'd talk when she got home.

Time crawled for me that night and when she wasn't home by 11:00pm or so, I tried calling her cell but she didn't answer. I was worried that something was wrong and at the same time strangely excited at the thought of this guy, whoever he was, fucking my wife. Finally, sometime around 2:30, she walked in. "Fix me a drink," she said "and meet me upstairs." She looked beautiful and at the same time, ravished ... hair a mess, make-up smudged and her nylons torn ... and as I made my way upstairs, I knew what had happened but not sure what was coming next. Candy was sitting in the chair, facing the door, nude except for her stockings and heels. "Thank you," she said as I handed her an amaretto. "Now, sit down in front of me," she said "we have to talk." I did as she said and as I sank to the floor, I smelled the unmistakable odor of cum. "You know that James fucked me tonight" she told me. "In fact, he fucked me twice ... with no protection and he didn't hold back; he came inside of me. He filled me up and there was so much it was running out of me. And you know what, I loved it. That's right honey, I loved it. His cock was so big and thick; much bigger than you are and it felt so good stretching me out and pushing into me that I loved it." I started to speak but she touched my lips. "You know," she said. "I love you more than anything and I'll never leave you but this is something you're going to have to accept. " I know I need a Real Man to fuck me and that's exactly what I'm going to have; do you understand?" All I could do was look up at her and nod ... she looked more beautiful than ever and I wanted her so bad and I somehow knew that she was right. "I knew you'd understand." she said. "Now, I'm really sore from James's cock so come here and take care of me." She pulled my mouth to tightly to her pussy and for the first time, I tasted another man's cum.

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May 20, 2018: Control

As the months passed, Candy basically became pretty much of a slut for Black men and met usually at least once a week with both James, his friends and a couple of other guys. While I was still turned on by the whole idea, especially when she'd tell me about it; about how much bigger her lover's Black cock was, how it felt stretching her out and how she wasn't sure if she could ever give that feeling of fullness up, I was actually a little unsure about this whole thing and was second guessing what I'd basically set up. At about this same time, Candy met and started fucking another Black man named Albert who she informed me, encouraged her to take more control of her life, and as she began to exert more authority in our everyday life she also began to exert more control and authority over me, and our relationship. She actually started it rather slowly, giving me chores to do, picking my clothes, being more directive in what she wanted me to do, etc. Within a few months, I could tell that Candy actually began to enjoy a newfound personality, and I fell willingly into her routine; gladly doing the laundry, cooking her meals, brushing her hair when she asked  and even getting her ready for dates with Black men. Over a short period of time, I realized that I'd pretty much began living my fantasy and to my surprise and concern, it was obvious that our relationship had become more about her fantasy ... which in fact, was now reality ... than mine.

We pretty much settled into a routine after that. Candy would see Albert once or twice a week and then a couple of other guys as well. It was always about the same ... she'd come home late, invite me to bed and give me all the details while I licked her clean. We'd even make love once in a while but when we did, she'd always tell me how much bigger other men were than me and that she needed  to cum but couldn't feel me enough to do so. It kind of got to be a running conversation and the more she talked, the hotter I got and the harder my dick got. One night, she had me lean over her and lick her pussy while she stroked my dick and kneaded my balls. "Does it bother you that I need a man with a bigger cock to make me cum?" she asked. "Does it humiliate you that you're so small and and that I've found you're really not enough for me? Does it embarrass you for me to touch you after I've held cocks twice your size?" With each question, she squeezed my balls harder till I was whimpering in pain till she finally said, "Do you wish I was full of cum now, full of Albert's cum or James's cum ... I'd taste better wouldn't I? Tell me ..." and she squeezed harder making my dick so hard ... "You want it, don't you! You want to clean me up!" she almost shouted and dug her nails into me and then I came all over her hand. "I thought so," she said.

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May 27, 2018: The Fantasy Became Real and Changed Everything

While there was no question the Candy was becoming more Dominant in our relationship, I didn't mind ... actually I relished it ... taking care of her, hearing about her affairs, enjoying the wild sex. Things were good ... she was blissfully happy and I was content as the willing cuckold.

But things were about to change ... one evening she asked me to get a hold of her friend, James and invite him for drinks. I did as I was told and James; showed up a few nights later with a bottle of wine. We spent the evening as most people would ... drinking, talking, telling stories till later Candy went to the kitchen and then James excused himself to go to the bathroom. I didn't think much of it until Candy came back and said to meet her upstairs in 10 minutes. James was nowhere to be found so when the time had passed and I was truly stunned when I opened the bedroom door. Candy was on her back, her legs spread wide with James's hand pushed all the way up inside of her. She was moaning and hunching his hand and he was telling her how he was going to fuck her again, how she was going to take his bare Black cock and how she's never be any good for me after he was finished with her. I just stood there in awe and literally didn't say a word. James got up and began to get undressed as Candy sprawled lewdly on the bed said, "Take off your clothes, sit over there and watch. Don't make a sound." James's pants dropped to the floor about the same time mine did and as I looked at him, I was shocked to see how big he was. He was at least 8 1/2 inches long soft and twice as big around soft as I was hard. He looked over at me and kind of smirked as her crawled back between my wife's open legs. He rubbed his Black cock all over her pussy and when he was hard, he pushed into her and immediately started pumping into her. Candy screamed as he stretched her and started begging him to fuck her. James  rose up to his knees, held her legs open and truly began to fuck her like a man possessed. "That's it," he said, "take my cock ... that pussy's gonna be mine bitch  ... I'm gonna fuck you like you the slut you are." Candy didn't respond, she just kept repeating "Oh God ... Oh God!" as James pounded into her. "You fucking love it don't you," he said. "You're gonna get all of this you want ... I'm gonna make you my whore ... and you're gonna love it." This kept up for what seemed like forever until James finally tightened up and filled my wife with so much cum that I could see it oozing out around his Black cock. He rolled off of her, looked at me and said,  "I'm not done with her." I just kinda sat there, still stroking my dick when he got up, turned to me and said, "That meant I want her to myself." Not knowing what else to do, I got up and left the room. James shut the door behind me and I heard both him and Candy laugh as he turned the lock.

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