November 12, 2018, The Invisible Man
" I want you to call James and invite him to come over tonight." Candy said. She knew that it embarrasses me to call some guy and ask him to come over and fuck my wife but she always makes me do it. She says it's not proper for a woman to call a man and that me doing it is part of what I signed up for. She also knew that I'd do it.

Of course when I called, he was only too glad to join us and as soon as he walked in, he said, "Make me a drink ... where's your wife." She was in the guest room and James headed that way. When I returned with his drink, I found the door closed and when I knocked, Candy said to come back in awhile so I went back to the living room and finished the bourbon myself. Maybe a half hour later, James came out and went into the bathroom. "Come here, honey," Candy called. "Why don't you join us ... oh and you can leave your clothes out there. You won't need them." It was clear when I walked in that they'd already been in the middle of fucking. Candy was nude, her hair was a mess and her pussy was a puffy dark pink. "Would you like to watch, honey?" she asked as I came in. "I know you like that and James wants you to see, too. Just be quiet and don't interrupt, OK?" James came back in and without missing a beat climbed back on her and picked up where they'd obviously left off. Candy opened her legs for him and he was all the way in her in one thrust. Candy kept up a running commentary on how good he was, how much bigger his cock was than mine. "Can you see that, honey?" she said. "Can you see his Black cock splitting me open ... God James, fuck me baby ... give me your cock .... I want it." The more she talked, the harder James fucked her and the harder he fucked her, it seemed like the more invisible I became.

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November 20, 2018: Black Owned
Out of the blue, this guy Damian shows back up. He was one of the first guys that Candy was even semi serious with and he has a whole lot to do with where we're at today. He was very dominant with her before and has maybe the biggest Black cock Candy's ever had ... and she fucking can't get enough of it. Frankly, I'm not real sure how she can take it, especially with the fucking pounding he gives her. It seems that in his culture, Nigerian men just flat own their women, especially white women and from the minute he walks in the door, it's fucking game on. The first time he fucked her, I was a little unsure about the whole thing but she let me know it was OK. So, after that, I just sit back and enjoyed the show. Not to put too fine a point on it but it's better than any porn movie I ever saw. I mean this guy's a fucking animal and he makes it real clear that he loves white pussy and he takes whatever he wants. Candy will pretty much do whatever he wants but the downside is that she's so fucking sore the next day that she's pretty much out of commission. Kinda sucks for me but watching him fuck her is definitely worth a day or two

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November 29, 2018: Nasty Black Sex
My wife seems to have a strange fascination with this guy. He's seems like a decent enough guy but he pretty much treats her like his personal whore. Sometimes he kinda just lays back and makes her do most of the work. He likes it rough, too ... I mean really fucking rough and really fucking nasty. She's fucked him a few times and every one is hotter to watch than the last. Candy actually called him one night and invited him over. I came home to find them in the pool with her mouth wrapped around his cock. Before I could get in the house and change my clothes, they moved into the bedroom and he had her on spread out on top of him with his cock up in her, slapping her clit and pulling her hair and calling her every name in the book ... and she was cumming all over the place. He finally pushed her off and shoved her down to suck his cock again then he put her on her back and fucked her again and filled her with a huge load of cum!!

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