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August 2, 2017, The Invisible Man
" I want you to call James and invite him to come over tonight." Candy said. She knew that it embarrasses me to call some guy and ask him to come over and fuck my wife but she always makes me do it. She says it's not proper for a woman to call a man and that me doing it is part of what I signed up for. She also knew that I'd do it.

Of course when I called, he was only too glad to join us and as soon as he walked in, he said, "Make me a drink ... where's your wife." She was in the guest room and James headed that way. When I returned with his drink, I found the door closed and when I knocked, Candy said to come back in awhile so I went back to the living room and finished the bourbon myself. Maybe a half hour later, James came out and went into the bathroom. "Come here, honey," Candy called. "Why don't you join us ... oh and you can leave your clothes out there. You won't need them." It was clear when I walked in that they'd already been in the middle of fucking. Candy was nude, her hair was a mess and her pussy was a puffy dark pink. "Would you like to watch, honey?" she asked as I came in. "I know you like that and James wants you to see, too. Just be quiet and don't interrupt, OK?" James came back in and without missing a beat climbed back on her and picked up where they'd obviously left off. Candy opened her legs for him and he was all the way in her in one thrust. Candy kept up a running commentary on how good he was, how much bigger his cock was than mine. "Can you see that, honey?" she said. "Can you see his Black cock splitting me open ... God James, fuck me baby ... give me your cock .... I want it." The more she talked, the harder James fucked her and the harder he fucked her, it seemed like the more invisible I became.


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July 24, 2017: Sexts From My Wife
The message indicator beeped interrupting my train of thought and I absentmindedly picked up my cell phone. It was a text from Candy telling me she was stopping for drinks with a couple of her friends. I answered a simple OK and sat back down at the computer. Her going out for drinks isn't unusual and I assumed I'd see her sometime around 8:00 or 9:00 at the latest. Somehow, I lost track of time and noticed it was after 11:00 when my message indicator went off again. I picked up the phone and read the text, : 'Met a couple of guys. See you later. Here's a pic!' And sure enough, there was a picture ... a muscular black man with his cock firmly in my wife's mouth. My mouth immediately went dry and my dick became immediately erect. I reached down and rubbed myself through my jeans as I studied the picture. Were they in a hotel room? at his place? or somewhere else and who took this picture? They were in bed was about all I could tell and then another text ... and another picture. He was on top of her, obviously filling her with his Black cock. "His cock is bigger than yours." the text said. I sank back into my desk chair and took out my dick, stroking it slowly so as not to cum and hoping there were more texts on the way. But I was wrong ... for the next hour or so, nothing. I was so turned on, knowing my wife was somewhere with a Black stranger being fucked bareback and all I could do was sit and wait and think about it. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, a third picture ... this one  really hot, a close up of his cock in her with his cum oozing out of her. I began again stroking my cock, knowing that I was sooo close to cumming and immensely turned on knowing my wife was somewhere being fucked by a Black stranger. As I gazed at her in the pictures, I jerked my dick harder and faster and got to the point where I knew I couldn't stop; knew I was going to cum. And I did ... I came all over my stomach ... then I put down the phone and closed my eyes. Again, no more texts so I went to clean myself up and then the tone, her tone, and I literally ran to pick up the phone. 'Be there in a bit,' it said. 'And don't you dare cum on yourself.

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