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What can I say ... I love Black Cock ... I also like the fact that James loves fucking me and that my husband accepts it and after all this time, has even grown to like it. These are the first of a long series of shots taken during a weekend that James spent with me. He pulled me into our bedroom as soon as he got here and pretty much kept me there all evening fucking me like a pure slut and making sure I gave him all the pleasure he wanted. We allowed Bob in and out to take a few pictures and later set the tone for the weekend by having my husband sleep in the guest room while James slept with me in our marriage bed


Shared with a Complete Stranger ... Well we knew it would happen someday ... James had set me up to get fucked by strangers before but never had he sent me to meet some guy in a hotel room. I wasn't too sure about this arrangement but I'd always told James that I'd never tell him 'No' so when he told me what he expected, there was no question but to do it. He said this guy was an important client and to take good care of him. He told me to give him whatever he wanted ... No condoms, no limits ... and he wanted proof that he came in me so bob was to go along to take the pictures.  By the time I knocked on the hotel room door, my pussy was dripping wet. Just the thought of what was about to happen had me so Hot I couldn't stand it. I wasn't sure exactly what deal James had with this guy or what all the dynamics were, I just knew that me letting this gorgeous stranger fuck me was part of it and I planned to be the whore James expected me to be 


Literally, all I could do was lie there and take his Black cock, let him fuck me with it and revel in the feeling of him pushing into my belly. I was pinned down to the bed with my legs open and he was pounding me so had that I could hear the squishing sound every time he shoved his cock deep into my pussy. "Watch him!" I basically screamed to my husband, "see how a Black Man fucks your wife - can you see it - this is what I want!" I could tell that hearing me verbally humiliate my husband was pushing James. He was getting closer to the edge and I loved it - my husband loved it - and I kept it up, turning all three of on even more than we were
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The Slut Wife Files
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